Dry ice is the name for solid CO2. At atmospheric pressure it has a temperature of approx. -79° C (-110,2 °F). The evaporisation is residue free. Dry ice is non toxic, non flammable, inert, tasteless and odourless. It is white and has a density of approx. 1’500 kg/m3 (93,64 lb/ft3)in its compact form.
Dry ice is produced from liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). Inside a dry ice pelletizer, the liquid carbon dioxide is expanded under controlled conditions to form dry ice snow. This snow is then pressed through an extruder plate into round, hard pellets (elongated grains with a diameter of 3 mm or 1.7 mm according to the used extruder plate) for dry ice blasting purposes or into larger pellets/dry ice slices/blocks for cooling purposes.

Dry ice is an ideal cooling media which can be used for many applications. It has a high cooling capacity. Dry ice blocks/slices or dry ice pellets are used for cooling purposes.

Dry Ice Blasting is a powerful, gentle, dry and ecologically friendly cleaning method causing no secondary waste. It is applied in many industries. For the cleaning of surfaces with our ASCO dry ice blasting technology dry ice pellets with the diameter of 3 mm (0,12 in) are standardly used. Dry ice pellets with a diameter of 1.7 mm (0,06 in) can also be used for the cleaning of delicate surfaces. For cooling purposes dry ice blocks and pellets with a bigger diameter are used (16mm).
We offer a convenient and reliable full service when it comes to CO2 and dry ice supply. In addition, we provide you with cost-effective all-in-one concepts on a rental basis which can be realised without making major investments. The supply of CO2 will be arranged automatically. Our CO2 solutions will meet your dry ice requirements.

Depending on requirements, we provide you with dry ice in pellets with different diameters in adequate insulated dry ice boxes.